create your own faqs

When you visit the Turkey Hill Experience, you'll find three special interactive exhibits which are more interactive than normal. They let you "Create Your Own" ice cream flavor, ice cream package, and even your own television commercial. Below are some frequently asked questions and their answer about the Create Your Own experience.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream

How do I find the link to my Create Your Own (CYO) page?

You can look up your page with two important items: the date you visited the Experience, and your CYO# from your ticket. Once you have those items, visit our CYO look-up page.

How long will my Create Your Own page be on the website?

We will keep your files on our web site for 60 days from the date you visited the Turkey Hill Experience. Then, after that time period, we will need to remove them so that we have room for other people to save their files.

Can I get a copy of my images?

You can certainly save files from our website to your computer as long as it is before we delete them. PC users can right click on an image and choose "Save Picture As ..." and then choose a location on your computer to save the file. Mac users can control click the image, and select "Save image as ...", then choose the location on your computer to save the file.

Fun in the making